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About us,

Proficient Protection Agency, otherwise known as PPA, is established in 2003 with the idea of experience, street knowledge, public relations and interaction with different cultures throughout the community. This company was created on the idea of what a security agency should be, which is professional, courteous, proactive, experienced, strong in uniformed presence, responsible and serious when it comes to a clients request for excellence.

When most people hear about security, they think of an unarmed "lazy guy" that doesn't do anything.  Have you ever taken a trip to your local grocery store, walked in and saw the security guard standing near the entrance? Often many times the guard is looking sloppy in a uniform, unexperienced in how to deal with high stress situations and not taken seriously by the general public.  This is caused by the policies and guidelines set forth of the security company assigned to that specific site.  A warm body placed in a uniform with little to no training in the security field.  This is very common among most security companies, falling short when it comes to professionalism and overall satisfaction as it pertains to the client.

  • What we offer, REAL security services
    • Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Special Events, Executive Protection, etc.
    • Stationary, Patrol and Alarm Response Services

When our clients ask us to perform specific security services to their expectations, we exceed what is expected of us, simply put.  Our officers are confident in the service they provide for our clients and are serious and professional when it comes to their job.  We offer a level of security and confidence that is simply unmatched.

  • Prevention and how it applies to you
    • Armed and Unarmed Protection Services
    • 24 Hour Emergency Response, Short Notice and On Call Security Services

Prevention is the key when it comes to the security of our clients.  One of the main reasons a client requests security for their personal safety and/or property is to prevent an incident from occurring.  It is that strong visible presence that ultimately makes a difference.  Our officers maintain a constant visible presence, look neat and professional in uniform and have the knowledge to deal with every situation presented to them.  PPA officers are taken seriously out in the field by the public and local law enforcement agencies.  This is the important difference between PPA and other companies.

  • What makes us different from the other security companies out there
    • Fully Licensed and Insured. 
    • A respected member of the Better Business Bureau and Hayward Chamber of Commerce
    • We will match/beat our competitor's rates for similar services. 

Originality, being one of a kind, not following but rather placing ourselves as leaders in the industry. Having that professional image with set high standards.  We make our clients, our priority. One of the most common questions our clients have is," What makes your company different from all the rest out there?"  Our answer is," Just let us give you a demonstration on our services."  No other security company provides this type of demonstration to their clients.  This gives the client a "first hand" understanding on how we operate and provide the utmost professional security in this industry.  Our officers are placed through consistent training, ensuring our clients the least liability along with a high level of confidence. Using this procedure, the client knows exactly what to expect from our company. It is this visible demonstration that makes Proficient Protection Agency stand out from our competitors.  -Copyright 2003 Proficient Protection Agency-    All Rights Reserved