companySecurity Services


  • Uniformed Stationary and Patrol Officer Services
  • 24 Hour Live Operator Dispatch


  • Residential / Private Communites,Commercial and Industrial     
  • Schools,High Rise Buildings,High Tech Companies and Offices
  • Hotels,Restaurants,Shopping Malls,Parking Facilites and Construction Sites  
  • Health Care and Retirement Facilities
  • Plain Clothed and Business Attired Officers
  • Whether it be a mall, private residential community, commercial building or executive protection (otherwise known as bodyguarding), you can trust a professional officer to be there always, safeguarding people and property.  We interact with people in the community and build a strong presence of integrity and safety within the area we are hired to protect.  We simply make people feel safe within their surroundings.

         We offer a wide range of patrol services here in the bay area.   Our patrol division of PPA consists of the following;

  •   A 24 Hour Live Operator Dispatch service made available for our clients.
  •  Utilization of the most up to date and effective vehicle presence.  Fully marked patrol vehicles, radio equipped with spotlights and night search equipment.   All vehicles are equipped with a 3-camera DVR Digital Video Recording System.   Our patrol officers are fully equipped with statewide radio system, computer and cellular phone contact.
  •  All patrol vehicles are assigned to different sectors of the Bay Area, limited to a small number of cities, ensuring our client a fast response time if a call for service is requested.  
  •  We provide either a specified number of patrols per shift or range our patrol times at the request of our client. Every patrol is documented with a specific time range and never made at the same times.  In order for the patrol to be effective, it must be made at random times to prevent an incident or crime from occurring.  Most crimes occur because the persons committing the crime know exactly when the security will or will not be around. 
  •  When our security patrols are conducted, we do more than just ensure safety, protect property and prevent crime.  We observe traffic and fire hazards, advise our clients of possible improvements that can increase the effectiveness of their security. We listen to our clients as well as people within the community we are hired to protect, thus improving security as needed. Everything is documented in a neat, legible and professional manner, generally either hand written or typed via computer. 

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