companyCustom Protection Services

  • Specialized Security Services

        We offer the following Custom Protection Services;

  • Individual Plain Clothed Officer's and Uniformed Executive / VIP Protection                              
  • Armed Courier,Valuable and Property Transport
  • Private Civil Standby Services
  • Workplace Harassment Assesment and Protection
  • City and Private contracted Traffic Control
  • Process Serving, Labor Disputes, Crowd Management and Control
  • 30 and 60-day Eviction Notice Services         

 Executive protection, otherwise known in some terms as “bodyguarding”, is a sensitive area and requires the utmost training and experience in the industry. This is not a job that just any security company can do. You need and require someone who is “proficient” in this field, a qualified professional.  We provide officers with extensive training and experience, trained observers that know how to act responsibly with the ability to make quick, smart decisions during high stress situations.  We also safeguard jewelry, personal property, transport valuable items and perform armed escort services for our clients. We want you, our client, to feel safe with us.

 Be assured that your confidentiality, assets, valuables and personal safety is being placed number #1 priority with Proficient Protection Agency.  We want you, our client, to feel safe and confident with us.  -Copyright 2003 Proficient Protection Agency-    All Rights Reserved