companyOur Professional Staff


  • Professionalism;  Appearance bases a big part on if the public eye will take seriously in what it is you do. Our officers look neat and professional in uniform.
  • Public relations and rapport; Our officers have extensive experience and a “street sense” knowledge of what it is like to work around public/local law enforcement agencies on a consistent basis.
  • Experience;  We hire professional, well trained personnel with experience. We have personnel that posess their POST(Peace Officer Standard and Training) certifications with backgrounds in security, law enforcement and the military.
  • Trust;  Our hiring process is the most extensive in the security industry. Every officer has undergone an oral board interview, extensive background investigation, psych exams and 3 interview process prior to hire.  Know that you are not getting a warm body that is placed in a uniform, but rather getting a officer that you can trust with your personal safety and property.
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