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  • September 17th, 2004

        Attention:  Commander A. Levy

        Proficient Protection Agency

        PO Box 1281

        Alameda, Ca 94501

        Dear A. Levy,

        I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for everything you've done for us.   You have been wonderful and working with you has been the only positive in a very negative situation,  one in which we hope to never go through again.  You have been extremely helpful and patient through this whole process.

        I would also like to commend Nick for a job well done.  Out of all the officers assigned to us,  i feel that he did the best job for our company.

        I wish both you and your company continued success.  Should i hear of anyone requiring the services that your organization provides,  i will be happy to refer them to you. 


        Diane Winspear /  Office/HR Manager

  • February 17th,  2004

        RE:  Proficient Protection Agency

        To Whom it May Concern:

        We are a Assisted Living Community, and in the search to provide security for our residents, staff and guest, we hired Proficient Protection Agency as a temporary fill in until we were able to secure our own in-house security staff.  However, after only a few weeks of having them on the job, we wanted to see what it would take to keep there services full time.  I found working with Mr. Levy on this matter quite easy.  We explained our budget restraints as a non-profit, and Mr. Levy and us were able to come to a very fair agreement for both parties. 

        We now enjoy having fully uniformed professional security.  Their attention to detail is quite a welcome benefit.   We receive professional reports from the officers patrolling the property, covering all aspects of the property.  The security staff is professional and pleasant to work with. 

        We are currently discussing and meeting with Proficient Protection Agency about services for another community.  I would recommend their services to anyone who is serious about providing good, reliable and professional security. 


        Joe Muzzy /  Facilities Manager

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